Usain Bolt to sign for Morton? ‘I’ll look into it’

USAIN BOLT has been courted to swap his racing spikes for football boots - at Greenock Morton.

Usain Bolt: Praying for a move, but where to? Picture: Ian Rutherford

The world’s fastest man is a well-known Manchester United fan, but has been advised to walk before he can run by radio presenter George Bowie.

Bowie, a self-confessed Greenock Morton fan, put Bolt on the spot during the interview, to be aired on the 102.5 Clyde 1 breakfast show on Monday.

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He said: “There was a story that you would love to play for Man United. However, is that not a big leap to go to the very top? Should you not build your way up?”

Usain Bolt: Praying for a move, but where to? Picture: Ian Rutherford

He continued: “Can I introduce you to Greenock Morton? That’s the team you want to sign for first, alright? You want to start low and work your way up.

“Look for Greenock Morton and sign for them, come and play for us on the wing next year, and then Man United will sign you like that Usain.”

Bolt, six time Olympic champion and multi sprint world record-holder, seemed unfazed by the prospect of swapping the Caribbean for Cappielow and replied: “I’ll look into it.”

During the interview, set up to help promote the Jamaican legend’s new book, Bowie also quizzed the man nicknamed “Lightning Bolt” on films, video games, what he does to relax and why he should come to Glasgow next year.

However, the interview nearly didn’t happen at all with Bowie being forced to wait 40 minutes after being told that Bolt was “running late”.

“This was definitely one of my favourite interviews of all time, Usain was such a great sport,” said Bowie.

“To be able to tell people I once interviewed the fastest man on earth and he was running late has made my life.

“And so has the fact he is up for a move to Morton – now we will hear the Ton fans shouting “Bolt ya rocket” for all the right reasons!”

The full interview will be broadcast on 102.5 Clyde 1 on Monday morning at 8am.