'They underestimated us': Kazakh press and players react to crushing win over awful Scotland

The Kazakh press and squad have been reacting to a "historic" victory against a miserable Scotland side.

Kazakhstan strolled to a victory over Scotland on Thursday (Photo: Adam Davy / PA Wire)
Kazakhstan strolled to a victory over Scotland on Thursday (Photo: Adam Davy / PA Wire)

The Kazakh media - like the Scottish press - were in unanimous agreement that the Central Asian side thoroughly deserved their victory.

Newspaper Aikyn attributed the victory to the Hawks' "strong pressing and organisation", noting that "the pace of the game changed" following a threatening start from the Scots.

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KZ Football meanwhile expressed surprise at the lack of Scottish response.

In their match report they wrote: "It seemed that the second half would start with the onslaught of the Scots, but this did not happen, the Kazakhs did not give up the initiative and again grabbed a goal, Baktier Zaynutdinov converting a cross with a header - 3: 0."

"The Scots could not do anything, and time ran down slowly, ending 3-0 - a victory, just fantastic."

'They made a mistake underestimating us'

Members of the heroic Kazakh eleven, also commented on the unlikely result claiming that the Scots underestimated them.

Speaking to Sportz.kz, midfielder Yan Vorogovsky said: "they made a mistake by underestimating us, but we will build on our game."

Alexander Merkel added: "We played compactly and fought to the end. I think the Scots were surprised . We started well, we scored right away and we played a good game.

Evgeny Postnikov, also interviewed by Sports.kz claimed that the Scottish players' star quality was no match for the Kazakhs' "team effort".

He said: "Everyone understood that Scotland is a British style team. All players are qualified. It was hard, but once again I will say that due to team efforts we have achieved victory."