Steven Pressley boost as bid accepted for Coventry

FORMER Falkirk manager Steven Pressley says he is not fazed by the problems he is facing at Coventry City, although he received a boost last night when a bid was accepted for the club.

Pressley has made it clear that it is business as usual for him despite the Coventry being up for sale, in administration and operating under a transfer embargo – a situation not too far removed from the escalating crisis at one of his former clubs, Hearts.

Pressley, who left Falkirk for Coventry in March, has seven players lined up to sign when the embargo is lifted. He said: “The embargo will only change once the club exits administration but to be honest, and I genuinely mean this, it’s not really affecting me at this stage. When I say that I mean in terms of working towards getting players in. We are still going about it in the same manner and it will only affect me if a certain player needs a definite answer here and now because I can’t give that. But with the vast majority of my targets that’s not been the case. We’re continuing to work on them and hopefully once we exit administration and come out of the embargo we’ll be in a position where we’ll have a number of players lined up and ready to sign.”

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Last night Coventry’s administrators accepted a bid to buy the troubled npower League One club. An offer from Otium Entertainment Group Limited has trumped bids from three other interested parties. Adminstrator Paul Appleton said in a statement: “Following a stringent sale process, I can confirm a bid has now been accepted from Otium Entertainment Group Limited.

“This offer allows me to achieve the purpose of the administration and, following discussions with the Football League, I am hopeful a completion of the sale can be achieved as swiftly as possible.” Otium is affiliated to Coventry City Holdings Limited – the part of the club that is not currently in administration.