St Johnstone complete ‘best ever’ bin challenge

ST JOHNSTONE’S youth players have gone viral after they took the football fad known as ‘The Bin Challenge’ to a whole new level.

On their way to greatness.
On their way to greatness.

Over the past two years many of the world’s best clubs have tried to complete the challenge, which involves players completing a series of headers before depositing the ball into a nearby bin without it touching the ground, with an observing teammate filming the action.

However, no-one has attempted it on the scale St Johnstone have managed. In total there were 13 players who carried out 49 (FORTY-NINE) headers without the ball falling back down to earth.

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The noise that roars from the successful group after the challenge would rival any crowd celebration at a top flight match.

On their way to greatness.

Shared on SportBible, the video has already earned over one million views at the time of writing, and that number will only rise over the weekend.

Now it’s over to the rest of the football world to see if they can better the boys from Perth.