SFA praise Dallas for Cup call-up

THE SFA today praised Scottish referee Hugh Dallas, who has been appointed by FIFA to the 2002 World Cup, emulating Bobby Davidson’s feat of officiating at more than one Finals tournament.

"Hugh has been a splendid ambassador for Scottish refereeing," said Donald McVicar, the SFA Head of Referee Development.

"This is his fourth major tournament, having already taken part in the Olympic Games 1996, World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000, as well as numerous other high-profile appointments including the 1999 UEFA Cup Final."

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The 44-year-old referee from Lanarkshire has almost a decade of international experience, having taken charge of his first international, between the USA and Bolivia, in 1994 in, appropriately enough, Dallas.

FIFA will send the chosen officials on a fitness programme in the build up for the tournament and at seminar in Seoul, in March, directives will be issued on the excessive use of force, the outlawed tackle from behind and how they should recognise and penalise players feigning fouls.

Previous Scottish refereeing appointments to World Cup Finals include: George Mitchell (1950), Charles Faultless (1954), Jack Mowat (1958), Bobby Davidson (1962, 1970 and 1974), Hugh Phillips (1966), John Gordon (1978), Bob Valentine (1982), Brian McGinlay (1986), George Smith (1990) and Les Mottram (1994).

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