Ex-SPL chief admits he did nothing to tackle bigotry in Scottish football - and claims Old Firm rivalry sells

Roger Mitchell, former SPL chief,  pictured in 2002Roger Mitchell, former SPL chief,  pictured in 2002
Roger Mitchell, former SPL chief, pictured in 2002
Roger Mitchell, the former chief executive of the Scottish Premier League, has admitted that he did "nothing" to tackle bigotry in Scottish football.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter, Mitchell - who now describes himself as a "sport/music guy in hobby and work" - addressed the UEFA punishment dished out to Rangers as a result of their fans contravening the governing body's stringent rules regarding sectarianism.

Mitchell took aim at the football fans "talking 'tactics' about what can and can't be sung to avoid punishment", adding: "You shouldn't even be thinking of these racist songs. You should be ashamed they still exist in 2019. Or existed at all in any era. Clean yourselves up."

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He then addressed "the club, the football authorities and society", saying: "What is Rangers in 2019? How many of them believe in this racist credo? If it's a small number then let's really weed it out."

Mitchell then said: "People know I never ever criticise my old league and never Neil [Doncaster].

"I know the c**p he has to deal with. But, jeez, when UEFA is punishing [Rangers] game after game, and nothing is done in Scotland, that's so embarrassing for the authorities up there. It really is."

But the former SPL boss admitted he had done nothing during his time in post to address the issue.

"I've asked myself these days, 'What did you do when you were there, Roger?' Fact is, I did nothing.

"People [told] me to 'stay away from that stuff - you've a job to do'.

"Ultimately, I knew I was a Celtic guy in a job, trying to prove I was balanced. Not my finest hour."

Asked by a football fan what he would do to change the structure, Mitchell replied: "It’s so complex.

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"Some Celtic fans say they don’t need Rangers. BS! The Old Firm rivalry/hatred is where the money is.

"Other club owners would lament, 'Rog, bigotry sells'. So the choice is: be cleaner, be modern, but be poorer. Everyone knows this."