Scottish football fans react on Twitter to Rangers Europa League exit

Rangers are out of Europe after losing 2-0 (2-1 on aggregate) away to Luxembourgish side Progres Niederkorn. As you can expect from such a stunning result, there was plenty of reaction on social media.

It was a bad night for Pedro Caixinha and his players. Picture: PA
It was a bad night for Pedro Caixinha and his players. Picture: PA


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@calumfisher_: “Away to try remove that result from my mind by getting absolutely blitzed. I really think Pedro is on borrowed time after that, depressing.”

@ibroxrocks: “The gnawing suspicion that PC is a con-man who talks a good game just won’t go away.”

@ewanmcqueen_91: “Feel for every fan who travelled over there. Players wages should be offered as a refund after that disgusting display.”

@stramashes: “If Josh Windass is still a Rangers player come September I’m giving up man, I’ll go and follow cricket or some guff.

@JordanC1107: “I paid £20 to join the Rangers European travel club and attended precisely zero away games. Good lads.”

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@Official_T4O: “Dissapointing but this is a team in progress. Look at the comments, some people are beyond obsessed.”


@JamesVonDoom: “If all other Scottish clubs could stop being s***e in Europe that would be great.”

@TJDSBlog: “Looks like *adjusts sunglasses* a lack of Progres for Rangers in Europe.”

Picture: Twitter

@donn_1967: “This is how it feels to be Rangers, this is how it feels to be small. This is how it feels when your passport’s back in your drawer.”

@TheClumpany: “Remember how we were told that the ‘banter years’ were gone? Just over a week ago...”


@SGMilne: “Sad thing is that teams like Kilmarnock and Motherwell will still s***e the bed when play against Rangers. Defeated before a ball is kicked.”

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@SMcCue83: “Sick of these wee diddy teams bringing down the Scottish co-efficient.”

@SartoMutiny: “Rangers out of Europe before Dundee United have finished their first pre season friendly, though. What a time to be alive.”

@MatthewHarold83: “Kris Boyd’s next column should be interesting!”

@Nareystoepoker: “Has a Scottish club ever suffered a more embarrassing loss over two legs in Europe than this?”


@OHenleyAlex: “A bit of context. Progrès 4th best team in Luxembourg. League of Ireland sides have played vs them 6 times in recent years and won all ties.”

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@NeilCameron5: “In all seriousness, that’s unacceptable by Caixinha and Rangers. Worst European result soon after record home defeat to Celtic. He needs a start to the season which would leave Usain Bolt stranded.”

@Hannahnaman: “Rangers clueless and pedestrian over two legs. They didn’t do enough to qualify against part-timers. Big questions facing Pedro Caixinha now.”

@jamiekborthwick: “We needed big ideas about how to turn round Scottish teams struggles in Europe a while ago. Maybe now we’ll get it.”

@tedermeatballs: “Is it OK now to be a Pedro sceptic? Or is that still a banning offence?”


@C_ENicolson: “I hope for Aberdeen’s sake McInnes doesn’t have a Rangers clause.”

@Nealraff: “We’re going to need a bigger Internet #Rangers”

@air_ingy: “There is no Progres.”

@ScotComFC: “This is the kind of night that needs Jim Traynor bundling the team out of the ground with towels over their heads screaming “no pictures!”

@sked21: “Do we *really* need changes to Scottish football. The comedy it continues to provide us with knows no bounds.”

@Oldfirmfacts1: “Progres fans delighted to have been given a night off work to watch and play in tonight’s game.”

@mattwardrop: “Scottish football needs a strong Dundee United.”

@meestah_sahmon: “Paul Gascoigne has appeared in Luxembourg with a fishing rod claiming to be a close friend of Rangers.”

@Fraser_Clarke: “Ryan Jack leaving Europe before Aberdeen have even joined in. Ouch.”

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