Scottish Cup could trial video replays for referees

The Scottish Football Association is keen to be at the forefront of worldwide trials of video assistance for referees.

SFA chief Stewart Reagan. Picture: SNS
SFA chief Stewart Reagan. Picture: SNS

After yesterday’s meeting of the rule-making International Football Asocition Board in Cardiff, SFA chief executive Stuart Regan, pictured, said the governing body was willing to put the Scottish Cup forward as a competition in which video replay experiments could take place, as early as next season.

Regan said: “As far we are concerned, if it’s the same for both teams and you have the minimum number of cameras in place, we’d be looking at primarily the Scottish Cup. We’ve expressed an interest but we’d need to cost it.

“It’s certainly a very exciting opportunity for football. There are a number of us who have been keen to move technology forward for some time. We’ve finally got that today.”

The use of video aid would be restricted to contentious goals, penalties, sendings-off and cases of mistaken identity.