Rumour Mill: Celtic in EPL '˜would be amazing' | Rangers ace keen to end career at Ibrox | Caixinha dismisses mind games

Brendan Rodgers would love to Celtic in the English Premier League but admits he can't see it happening; Foderingham happy to see out career at Ibrox and Pedro Caixinha dismisses Celtic '˜mind games'

Brendan Rodgers is realistic about the possibility of Celtic playing in the English Premier League. Picture: SNS Group

Rodgers would love Celtic in EPL

Brendan Rodgers has admitted that Celtic playing in the English Premier League would be ‘amazing’ - but he can’t ever see it happening.

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Speaking to Sky Sports, Rodgers said: “Celtic in the Premier League would be an amazing experience for everyone, not just for Celtic but for other teams. I just don’t think it would ever happen, I think there are too many barriers.

Brendan Rodgers is realistic about the possibility of Celtic playing in the English Premier League. Picture: SNS Group

“I think there’s more chance of Celtic being in a European League than the pyramid system down south.” (Sky Sports)

Foderingham not ruling out long-term Rangers stay

Rangers goalkeeper Wes Foderingham has refused to rule out seeing out his career at Ibrox.

Foderingham, who signed a contract extension until 2021 earlier this week, was sked during a press conference whether he could finish his career at Ibrox.

Brendan Rodgers is realistic about the possibility of Celtic playing in the English Premier League. Picture: SNS Group

The goalie said: “I don’t see why not. It’s a brilliant club. It’s a club with a history of playing their football in Europe and hopefully when we get back there I’ll be here.” (Various)

Caixinha laughs off mind games

Pedro Caixinha has dismissed the suggestion from Brendan Rodgers that the Rangers boss had been put under pressure by his board to win the title because they had outspent Celtic this summer.

The Portuguese manager dismissed Rodgers’ comments, insisting he needs to focus on Ragners. He added: “Whether it’s mind games depends on with whom you are playing these games. It’s only mind games when you say something thinking that you are going to have one answer or what you are saying is going to affect other decisions or choices.” (The Scotsman)

Rodgers shrugs off Bellamy comments

Brendan Rodgers has shrugged off Craig Bellamy’s assessment of his achievements as Celtic manager and has insisted he does not view his tenure at the club as a vehicle to eventually return to the English Premier League.

Bellamy caused a stir this week when he claimed Rodgers’ success at the helm of the Scottish champions carries no weight south of the border.

But Rodgers said: “I am not here to win titles for my own CV or to get a job in England. I have enough challenges and worries here to look forward to – whether or not that initiates a job elsewhere.” (The Scotsman)

Lennon urges team to get vocal

Neil Lennon has urged his players not to be afraid of having a go at each other when the going gets tough.

Lennon was dismayed at Hibs surrendering a two-goal lead against Motherwell, publicly castigating the players. He said: “For me, if you don’t have a go at somebody it means you don’t care about them. That’s what I want from my team because it shows they care about each other. They are not doing it to embarrass anyone. I need someone to take the reins on the pitch as there is enough quality to do that.” (Evening News)

Numan calls for statue for next Rangers player to win Old Firm match

Ex-Rangers defender Arthur Numan has called for a Rangers Old Firm match-winner to get his own statue.

The Dutchman said “If Rangers were to win this game, and end Celtic’s run, whoever scores the winning goal will get a golden statue in front of the stadium.

“No, but seriously, it’s not about ending a run -it’s about getting a result against your biggest rivals. It would give Rangers massive confidence, and help them close the gap.” (Scottish Sun)