Referee told Hearts' Christophe Berra St Johnstone penalty was '˜clear as day'

Hearts captain Christophe Berra revealed today that referee Andrew Dallas told him contact was '˜clear as day' for St Johnstone's penalty equaliser on Wednesday night.

Matty Kennedy scored from the spot after Dallas penalised Hearts midfielder Peter Haring in a challenge with St Johnstone substitute Liam Gordon.

Video replays showed no contact, but Berra spoke to the referee and was assured there was.

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“It’s pathetic,” complained the Scotland defender. “I spoke to the referee and he said: ‘It’s clear as day’. I’m sure our media guys will put the video up and we will see.

Hearts' Christophe Berra in action against St Johnstone. Pic: SNS
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“He just falls down and the ball is going away from goal. Our player controls it at the edge of the box.

“I need to watch what I say but it is infuriating after getting an offside goal against us at the weekend [against Rangers].

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“Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t the only team it happens to.”

Berra added that even slight contact cannot be avoided in football.

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“Are you not allowed body contact in the box, seriously?” he questioned.

“You just fall down and it’s a penalty.

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“The ref was 30 yards away. Did he give it, or the linesman?

“It’s the same things.

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“I know it’s the toughest job but give yourself a chance.”