Scottish Premiership chief rejects Rangers' call for an SPFL investigation and warns clubs could go bust

Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor voted in favour of the SPFL resolution

Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor doesn’t believe there should be an independent investigation into the SPFL’s handling of the resolution it put to its member clubs.

The Staggies voted in favour of the proposal from the governing body to terminate the season for the Championship, League One and League Two with the Premiership potentially following after an April meeting with Uefa.

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MacGregor did so as he feels clubs could go bust if there is a wait to finish the current campaign.

Roy MacGregor has had his say on the SPFL voting farce. Picture: SNS

The resolution was a disaster with Dundee’s vote not registering and the SPFL making it known that it was still waiting on votes to arrive when it revealed the votes that had been submitted.

Rangers, who had already released a statement about the SPFL failing to help their own member’s resolution before the vote, released a second on Saturday calling for the suspension of the governing body’s chief executive Neil Doncaster, claiming they had evidence of which “raises serious concern” about the SPFL’s leadership.

Out of control

In an interview with the BBC, MacGregor said the situation had got out of control but doesn’t feel an investigation has to take place until evidence is presented to the board.

"I trust the board, the board is made up of clubs and members of clubs,” he said. "We have Stewart Robertson, we have Les Grey and we have Alan Burrows from the Premiership.

"We have people from the Championship and so on. We've trusted that decision making to them, and they work with an executive to come up with the conclusions.

"Now, if something is presented to the board where they feel an inquiry should happen then yeah. I think at the moment clubs have got to trust their board, got to trust the executives.

"If Rangers feel that there is something that's not happened properly, please present it to the board so that they can deal with it.

"If I was a director there I wouldn't be wanting to hang my chief executive or lawyer up without grounds - that would be a normal business principle.

"If there are things they're unhappy about I think they need to get them on to the table.”

MacGregor reckons Rangers’ managing director is now in an “uncomfortable” position with his role on the SPFL board.

He said: "I think Stewart Robertson - who is a fine man as well - who is on the board, and I don't know the ins-and-outs of it, but he's a member of that board so he must be feeling uncomfortable that things are going on behind the scenes before it came out.

"I think the clubs would probably have the same view as me, they trust their representatives on that board."

Stark warning

The Ross County chief said the decision to vote in favour of the proposal was not about money, but about being able to plan ahead as he issued a stark warning about clubs potentially going to the wall.

"I think clubs will be out of business before that happens. I honestly do. And that's whether it's full-time clubs or part-time.

"We got a view from the part-time clubs yesterday (Saturday) that's it challenging for them and it wasn't about money - it's about planning ahead.

"I need to tell you, from a Premiership club, it's exactly the same principle but on a bigger scale.

"We have so many players out of contract in June that we're going to get there before we're allowed to train on June 14."