Rangers reveal 'problem' with proposed £30m Sky TV deal and claim SPFL is underselling Scottish football

Rangers chief Stewart Robertson believes Scottish football continues to be undersold by the SPFL.

The Ibrox club have outlined a key issue with the proposed new TV deal. Negotiations have taken place with Sky Sports over an extension to the current deal. It has been put to clubs that the new agreement could be worth at least £30million a year. With the addition of two separate 10-game bundles worth £4million each it could rise to £40million.

Robertson, in an interview with Rangers Review, explained his eyes were opened last year when the club played Malmo in the Champions League qualifiers and discovered the Swedish deal, worth £43million a season for the top two tiers, dwarfed Scotland's, albeit for far more live games.

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The main frustration from the Ibrox club is the lack of "market-test”, seeing what other options are out there beyond Sky. The result is the view the Scottish game is being undersold by those who run it.

“I don't think we sell it,” he told Rangers Review. “We just go along and nudge it up a little bit. This is no criticism of Sky who are a good partner for Scottish football.

“We didn't market-test this deal. We have no idea what else is available in the market so we don't know whether it's the best deal or not. There's an advisor the SPFL have used and he's telling us all the reasons why he thinks it's a good deal.

“We have contacts with other organisations. James Bisgrove worked with a company who are negotiating the deals for the Champions League and the Europa League for the next cycle. We get market feedback from there that doesn't really hang together with the other stuff we are being told.

“My problem is we haven't gone and sold it. We haven't sold it whatsoever. That's no secret. I've been reasonably vocal about it when I was on the SPFL board. James and I made the point when this new deal was presented to the clubs.

“Without breaching any confidences, I still think we are underselling Scottish football. I get frustrated by it.”



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