Rangers fans group Club 1872 becomes fourth largest shareholder in RIFC after shares purchase

A general view of Rangers fans. File image: SNS Group
A general view of Rangers fans. File image: SNS Group
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Rangers fans group Club 1872 has become the fourth largest shareholder in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) after members voted overwhelmingly to authorise the use of funds to purchase 2.5 million shares.

According to the group, 99.4 per cent of members who voted backed the purchase, which takes Club 1872 from sixth-largest shareholder to fourth-largest.

The group's shareholding now stands at 16,202,838 shares, working out at 6.47 per cent of the company and increasing Club 1872's percentage shareholding by one per cent.

Club 1872 Director Laura Fawkes revealed the group has now provided £1.5 million of funding directly to the club in the last 14 months.

She added: "Our aim now is to continue to grow the organisation and remain amongst the major shareholders for years to come.”

“Club 1872 is the only viable vehicle for supporters who see the value and security which a major supporter shareholding provides for Rangers both now and in the years to come.

"It is also by far the best way for Rangers fans to support the club financially outside of traditional methods such as ticketing and merchandise.”