Watch: Ex-Rangers midfielder 'celebrates' MLS goal with message to American politicians over gun violence

Former Rangers midfielder Alejandro Bedoya called on the US congress to do something to end gun violence after scoring.

Alejandro Bedoya had a message for US congress. Picture: SNS
Alejandro Bedoya had a message for US congress. Picture: SNS

The 66-time USA international opened the scoring for Philadelphia Union in their 5-1 win at DC United.

After being congratulated by his team-mates the 32-year-old captain ran over to a pitchside microphone and screamed a message directed at politicians in the country.

He said: "Hey congress! Do something now! End gun violence!"

It follows two mass shootings in the US over the weekend which killed at least 29 people.

Bedoya, who played for Rangers 13 times during his season at the club, also tweeted.

"Seeing more thoughts and prayers bull***t. Words without actions are just worthless. America, it seems, is becoming a dystopian society. Do something!!! Enough!!!

"I’m not a policymaker either. I’m shouting at those hypocrites to get their s**t together. You want some plans. We can start with stricter background checks, red flag laws, making a registry for gun purchases, closing gun show loopholes, and taxing ammunition. Better for you?"