Rangers legend John Brown backs Union of Fans

JOHN ‘Bomber’ Brown has voiced his support for the Union of Fans’ plans and has urged Rangers supporters to demand security over the club’s training ground.

John Brown has added his backing to the Union of Fans' plans. Picture: Ian Rutherford
John Brown has added his backing to the Union of Fans' plans. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Brown, who was central to the Ibrox club’s nine-in-a-row success, has called on fans to ask for the keys to Murray Park and the stadium in return for their money, while backing plans by supporters’ umbrella group the Union of Fans to pledge season ticket money to a trust fund via the Ibrox 1972 website.

He told the Daily Record: “Signing up to Ibrox 1972 is the best option, though I know many Rangers supporters think it’s too moderate. Many want tougher action against this board and I understand, especially after the provocative statement made by the board last week.

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“Ibrox 1972 is the best option as it gives Rangers supporters the best chance of safeguarding Ibrox and I would also like to see the season ticket trust demand similar security over Murray Park too. That’s a prime site.

“It took Rangers many years to get that training ground and we do not want to see the club losing security over it. The fans should demand it is given over to their safekeeping.

“I do not think any Rangers supporter should trust this board with their money, or with Ibrox and Murray Park.”

The former Rangers and Dundee defender was one of the earliest opponents of former chief executive Charles Green, making an unsuccessful bid to take control of the club from Green’s Sevco consortium in July 2012.

And Brown hit out at the club’s hierarchy, blaming them for the decision made by John Greig - voted the greatest ever Ranger - to stay away from the club.

He added: “Greigy has made the sacrifice of not going to see the team he played for with such distinction, the team he managed and worked for, for half a century.

“It’s extremely sad a man of John Greig’s pedigree feels he can’t go and watch Rangers. Greigy is in his 70s now and should be a revered elder statesman figure in and around Rangers.

“He should be able to enjoy himself by simply going to watch Rangers. The fact that he will not go shows supporters just what the greatest ever Ranger thinks of this mob.

“Rangers must be saved for the memory of those who have served the club down the generations and for the generations still to come.”

Brown is the latest in a number of former Ibrox faces to back the Union of Fans, following former Rangers captains Richard Gough and Lorenzo Amoruso, and former manager Alex McLeish.

Brown believes Amoruso’s decision to back the supporters group shows ‘what Rangers can mean to someone,’ adding: “It’s a great scheme and a wonderful idea and I’m confident other Rangers names will join us.

“The fans should look at the £70 million that’s already been handed over and spent and they should demand to know where it’s gone.

“The sooner this board is emptied the better.”