'Protect Alfredo Morelos at all costs': Fans react as table-topping Rangers secure vital Europa League point against Feyenoord

An Alfredo Morelos brace earned Steven Gerrard's Rangers a vital point in Group G last night.

Rangers are on the brink of qualification to the last 32 of the Europa League.

The result leaves Rangers top of their Europe League group with a game to play and will and will qualify for the last 32 if they can avoid defeat Young Boys visit Glasgow in their final clash at Ibrox in two weeks time.

Rangers fans were quick on social media to praise the point and the position the club finds itself in under Steven Gerrard, whilst many reserved special praise for the two-goal talismanic striker Morelos.

Rangers: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Rangers: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Scroll down to see how Rangers fans reacted to the result.

@1872Curtis: "Great result away from home considering how well Feyenoord played."

@LiamWATP: "Protect Morelos at all costs."

@CameronnTaylorr: "That wasn't good for my heart come on boys... top of the group."

@weeDec1997: "What a game... disappointed with the equaliser from them but one last push."

@SuperScottyA: "Could be a crucial point away from home not gonna complain."

@Kingpindazza: "Good point away from home. Defence has to be sorted was poor. We go again on Sunday! #ElBuffalo is King!"

@CF3Loyal: "Much improved second half but still very sloppy defensively and in possession at times. Brilliant from Morelos, should have got a pen too. Unfortunate that Porto got the result against Young Boys in the end. What a game it’s going to be in 2 weeks at Ibrox."

@CurtisEadie: "Solid point."

@discodave19: "There's only one buffalo."

@RJackflash69: "If he can smash a couple against Celtic and win a medal, he'll be a legend."

@GlenAnderson_: "Be gutted when he’s snapped up. What a player."