Mystery around Rangers star Alfredo Morelos' car tampering reportedly solved as PI comes forward

The mystery around the apparent tampering of Rangers star Alfredo Morelos' car has reportedly been solved, after it was revealed a private investigator told police he was the man involved.

According to the Sunday Mail, the man arrested in connection with the incident, in which the Rangers striker apparently discovered a person crouching down near his Lamborghini and immediately gave chase, stated that he had been hired by the footballer's wife.

The suspect, reportedly a former Army veteran and reconnaissance expert, informed police that he had been asked to launch surveillance on the vehicle by the player’s pregnant wife Yesenia and was attempting to put a tracker on the vehicle.

Rangers: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Rangers: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Rumours circulated on the internet this week that Morelos had caught an intruder attempting to cut the vehicle’s brakes.

The Rangers star discovered the man crouching behind his car on Tuesday. Picture: PA

A police probe was launched immediately after the incident earlier this week and a slate-grey Lamborghini was taken away by officers for further examination on Wednesday.

Police Scotland said Morelos’s car was not damaged in the incident.

A spokesperson for the police stated: “A 29-year-old man has been arrested in connection with an alleged breach of the peace following an incident involving a vehicle at a secured car park in Glasgow on Tuesday, January 28. A report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.”