Gregg Wylde tells of relief at Rangers exit

Scotland Under-21 international Gregg Wylde has described his decision to voluntarily leave Rangers in an effort to avert job cuts elsewhere at the club as “a massive relief”.

Rangers’ administrators were today hoping to finalise a wage-cut deal after a “very frustrating” failure to agree the fine details amid talks with player agents last night.

As Duff and Phelps prepared to act, Wylde is one of two players expected to leave, along with January signing Mervan Celik. The administrators and the club were this morning still to confirm any player departures.

Wylde told the Scottish Sun: “It was dragging on and on so I just decided to put my hand up to go to try and save some jobs. I just wanted to help the club.

“There are people in there who need a wage more than I do right now.


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“My wages might not save a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but I’m just glad to be able to help in some way.

“It’s over for me now. I’ve got to be honest and say it’s a massive relief.”

Wylde’s future is still to be determined due to the circumstances of his expected departure, with a move to another club far from straightforward.

Wylde was frustrated by events at Rangers.


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The 20-year-old midfielder said: “I feel so sorry for all the boys who are left. I think all of us just feel massively disappointed we’ve been left in this state.

“Everyone’s been hopeful that, somehow, we can all move on from it. You’ve got to keep believing that the club can recover and become stronger for it.

“There’s anger there, absolutely. You don’t really know if it’s (owner) Craig Whyte or someone else to blame.

“We’ve been let down at every turn. The club haven’t paid their taxes and it’s come back to haunt us.


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“Last year we were celebrating the league. We were hoping to do the same this season.

“But this has come from nowhere and just floored us.”