20 Rangers kits that could be sold for a small fortune

Find out just how much your old Rangers jerseys are worth.

From the obscure to the iconic, some old Rangers jerseys can fetch a pretty penny

Dig through the attic and rake through your wardrobe for any forgotten Rangers strips that you may have stashed away - they could be worth a healthy sum.

Sold for: 93. Modelled by a celebrating Ally McCoist this strip recently fetched just shy of 100

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Sold for: 110 and 170. This away effort from manufacturers Adidas typically demands a priced over 100.
Sold for: 65 and 110. This iconic second kit is surprisingly prominent online, with recent listings picking up as much as 110.
Sold for: 99.60 and 129.99. Another iconic effort from Adidas, this one selling for up to 129.99.
Sold for: 72. Goalkeeper tops in the 90s were certainly eye-catching. This 96/97 strip recently sold for 72
Sold for 170. This lesser-spotted lilac jersey divides opinion among Rangers fans, but some are willing to pay as much as 170.
Sold for: 100. This rare, minimal top from the 1980s recently sold for 100 on Ebay
Sold for: 99.99. This iconic kit from the mid nineties typically sells for just shy of 100.
Sold for: 99.99. A kit so rare that we couldn't find an image of it in our archives. This top recently sold for 99.99.
Sold for: 150 Exhibited by legendary Rangers attacker Brian Laudrup, the home kit of 1994 is highly sought after, with fans paying up to 150.
Sold for: 100. As with most goalkeeper tops this pale blue top is rare, with some willing to pay 100 for the kit
Sold for: 67. Another 'keeper jersey, this mid-nineties work-of-art recently sold for 67
Sold for: 124.99. Unsurprisingly tops featuring the names of fan favourites can pick up a decent price. One listing featuring the name of Gennaro Gatusso recently picked up 124.99.
Sold for: 129.99. Ally McCoist looks jubilant in this Admiral away shirt from the early 1990s. The predominantly white kit can sell for well over 100.
Sold for: 165. This rare kit from the late '80s is among the most pricey Rangers jerseys, recently selling for 160.
Take our word for it, this kit is blue. The simplistic top was worn by the likes of Gordon Smith and could fetch 180
Sold for: 323. Rangers were forced to change their sponsor due to alcohol advertising laws in 1996 when they took on French outfit Auxerre. McEwans was duly swapped for CenterParcs, resulting in this rare jersey which can fetch over 300 online.
Sold for: 100. Worn by Andy Goram, this sponsorless goalkeeper's top worn by Rangers during their 1996/97 Champions League campaign can sell for 100.
Current bidding: 102. Bidding on this ultra-rare item currently stands at 102.
Sold for: 75. Kits from the 1990s featuring the name of Rangers legend Paul Gascoigne could go for as much as 75