Key Rangers supporters group to vote against Douglas Park at AGM - plus two more important resolutions

A key Rangers supporters’ group will vote against the reappointment of chairman Douglas Park as a director of the company.

Club 1872 are the sixth largest shareholders in Rangers and over the past week it has polled its contributors on various resolutions ahead of the RIFC AGM 2022 on Tuesday morning at Clyde Auditorium.

One of the key resolutions was regarding the reappointment of Park. However, he gained less than 30 per cent of the vote in favour with 64.31 per cent voting against him and just under seven per cent abstaining. Julian Wolhardt and George Taylor received nearly 67 per cent and more than 70 per cent in favour respectively. Park’s reappointment, which is Resolution 2, will also be voted against by former chairman Dave King who recently outlined why he would be doing so.

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Club 1872 will vote against two more Resolutions, 7 and 8. They relate to the issuing of new shares. The former is “to authorise the directors to allot equity securities on the basis set out in the notice”. It had 42.74 per cent in favour but 46.98 per cent against. As for Resolution 8 – “to authorise the directors to dis-apply pre-emption rights in respect of relevant securities allotted pursuant to Resolution 7 on the basis set out in the notice” – more than 51 per cent were against with 36.49 per cent for. In Layman's terms, if Resolution 8 is passed it means current shareholders would not get first refusal on a new issue of shares or if another shareholder was to sell.

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