'If I got offered it, it's a different ball game...' - Rangers boss Steven Gerrard speaks on Liverpool job

Steven Gerrard and Jurgen Klopp are often in touch to discuss football with the Liverpool boss advising his Rangers counterpart
Steven Gerrard and Jurgen Klopp are often in touch to discuss football with the Liverpool boss advising his Rangers counterpart
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Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has spoken about the prospect of one day being manager of Liverpool.

The Rangers manager was speaking to former Anfield colleague Jamie Carragher on The Greatest Game podcast, and addressed comments made by current Reds boss Jurgen Klopp in which he touted Gerrard as his successor.

"If you ask who should follow me, I'd say Stevie," Klopp announced in a September 2019 interview. "I help him whenever I can."

The former England and Liverpool midfielder is only midway through his second term as a manager and is eager not to jump ship too quickly.

He told Carragher: "I'm very flattered [by Klopp's comments] because of who he is but there's a lot of people who naturally think after Rangers - if Jurgen was to go in a year's time or two years' time - I'm next.

"I don't. If I got offered it, it's a completely different ball game. But sitting here right now I'm fine, I'm calm, I'm happy. If I'm at Rangers for another two, three, four years I'm okay.

"It means I'm doing something right. I'm in no rush to try and jump. I'm not looking over the fence at anywhere else, I'm proper content."

Relationship with Klopp

Gerrard insisted he wouldn't take the Liverpool job just on Klopp's say-so, adding: "I'm mature enough to know that I have to be ready for the Liverpool job.

"If Jurgen stays at Liverpool for another four or five years, brilliant. If Liverpool then decide there's another guy that is more suited to the job after Jurgen than I am, that's fine."

The Ibrox boss also discussed his relationship with Klopp, revealing that he isn't scared to ask the former Borussia Dortmund boss for hints and tips.

"It's not like a daily thing, or a weekly thing, but I could text him and say, 'Oh you've done that in the game, what was your thinking behind that?' He's an open book and he'll give you whatever you need."

Lack of experience

Asked about his lack of managerial experience prior to taking the reins at Ibrox, Gerrard admitted it had been a concern but suggested he took the job because the time was right.

He revealed: "That's the reason why it was important when I spoke to Rangers that I needed certain people next to me because I'm going to make mistakes and I'm not going to be ready for certain things. I do need people to lean on.

"When the Rangers offers came in I thought, maybe that's the one I need. Maybe it's made for me."