Dave King skewers Rangers board - Van Bronckhorst and Steven Gerrard pushed out, treatment of fans, Kyle Fox investment

Former Rangers chairman Dave King has hit out at the club’s current board on a range of issues ahead of the AGM next month.

In a conversation with members of Club 1872, King spoke on a range of topics from resolution issues to the managerial changes to potential investment from American businesswoman Kyle Fox.

King, the largest shareholder at Rangers, confirmed he would be voting against three resolutions, including the allocation of shares and the re-appointment of Douglas Park as chairman at the December 6 AGM.

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“The fact is, I was already having concerns about where this regime was headed,” he said. “I felt some of the things happening were unacceptable – un-Rangers-like. The treatment of ex-players, the treatment of supporters.”

A major bugbear of King’s was the way Steven Gerrard left the club. The businessman reckons the Liverpool legend was forced out of Ibrox and in doing so it prevented the club from having its own spell of domination after ending Celtic’s tilt at 10 league titles in a row.

‘Embark on a number of titles’

He said: "The way things are going at the moment, unless changes are made to the leadership of the board - the leadership and executive of the club - I fear we will be stagnating for a long time to come.

“Gio probably ended up in a similar situation to the one Steven was in. Steven was there, won 55, wanted to kick on. Steven was given certain commitments by the chairman as to what resources would be made available to him.

Former Rangers chairman Dave King has hit out at the club's current board. Picture: SNSFormer Rangers chairman Dave King has hit out at the club's current board. Picture: SNS
Former Rangers chairman Dave King has hit out at the club's current board. Picture: SNS

“We won the league by a country mile, our opposition were in turmoil throughout the summer and couldn’t get a manager. [Ange Postecoglou] came in, with all respect to him, as an unknown coach that didn’t know Scottish football.

“The position Rangers were in at the beginning of last season was really one where I thought we would embark on a number of titles and would go on to win a number in a row. If it wasn’t for the fact, first of all, Steven was let down in terms of the money promised to him and then secondly, when his relationship with the chairman got to the point when he was effectively forced out.”

He added: “It’s clear things have changed but I’m not privy to the reasons for that. Much of what has happened since hasn’t worked out. I’m very concerned about the extent to which Ross [Wilson[ got the support from the club.”

King also addressed possible investment from Fox, founder of KRF Capital, an independent capital advisory firm. He has met her once and believes she “has a genuine appetite… to bring some serious investment into the club” which would allow the club to move forward.

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He said: “We can’t stagnate. I do think we could do with a new injection of people onto the board and a new injection of money. I don’t think the current composition of the board has a lot of scope to increase their investment. I think we need different ideas.”



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