Test your knowledge: Name these 12 obscure Rangers players from the past

How well do you remember Rangers players from years gone by?

The Scottish Professional Football League is in a state of absolute disarray at the moment as clubs and supporters up and down the land argue about how best to find a solution to the problem of the indefinite suspension caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s been the only real current-affairs distraction for fans who’ve missed their favourite past-time during this last month.

Other than that it’s been all about nostalgia, with the BBC, SPFL and SFA all running as-live repeats of classic matches from throughout the years.

If you’ve enjoyed such trips down memory lane then you may enjoy this as well: a quiz asking you to name some obscure Rangers players from the last 30 years through their picture alone.

Answers are on page 4. Jot down your guesses and see how many you get at the end.

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