Publisher creates football pundit colouring book

A BOOK has gone on sale encouraging readers to colour in Britain’s favourite football pundits.

Football colouring in books exist, why not one for the pundits?

‘Quite Literally’ Pundit Colouring pokes fun at the serious world of Super Sunday, Match of the Day and other overblown football shows on the box.

It’s the latest sporting offering from publisher Ockley Books and is available for £6.39 from Amazon.

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Designer Michael Kinlan and writer Richard Bellis combined to create the book, which surprisingly doesn’t appear to be aimed at children.

'Unbelievable Jeff'

If you do fancy buying this for a child, be warned, there is one page which features a semi-naked Des Lynam with the title ‘Dishy Des Lynam’.

This page is supposed to “arouse and repulse in equal measure”, according to the official Twitter page promoting the book.

Aside from the standard staying between the lines, readers are also encouraged to fill in speech bubbles with their favourite football cliches: ‘Unbelievable Jeff’, ‘Shocking defending’, ‘Michael Owen was literally a greyhound’, that sort of thing.

There are over 20 pundits in the book, including favourites such as Gary Neville, Robbie Savage, Gary Lineker, Jamie Redknapp, Chris Kamara and the aforementioned ‘Dishy Des’.

See? We weren't making it up.