£38 ticket bought fan ‘blocked’ view of the pitch

A FOOTBALL fan has blasted a Premier League club after shelling out almost 40 on an away-end seat - that offers almost no views of the pitch.

Sam White's picture of the view from his Loftus Road seat went viral. Picture: SWNS

Southampton supporter Sam White was horrified when he got to his seat at Loftus Road on Saturday to watch the away clash with QPR, only to find his view was completely blocked.


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Instead of watching his beloved Saints clinch a last-gasp 1-nil win in the Premiership match, Sam was forced to stare at a massive steel container - thought to be a commentary box - which obstructed all the pitch.

Sam was a unable to see the 90th-minute goal, or indeed the kick-off, or the action at one end.

He is now demanding a full refund for his £38 ‘restricted view’ seat - because he reckons it was too restricted.

He said: “I think it is crazy that they can legally sell these.

“Whether £38 is cheap for a Premier League ticket or not, I wouldn’t have taken the ticket for free having known the view.

“I don’t understand how the club hasn’t been sanctioned before, it is absolute madness.

“I would have been a lot angrier had we not grabbed a 90th-minute winner.”

He is now demanding a refund, after the picture he tweeted from his seat went viral on Twitter.

Queens Park Rangers FC refused to comment.