Pars can take advantage of Rangers woes - Jefferies

JIM Jefferies has urged Dunfermline to ensure they are in a position to take advantage if Rangers’ financial woes deteriorate dramatically.
Jim Jefferies. Picture: Ian GeorgesonJim Jefferies. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Jim Jefferies. Picture: Ian Georgeson

The Ibrox outfit have strongly denied there is a possibility of being plunged into another period of administration, despite news the playing staff have been asked – and refused – to accept a 15 per cent cut in salaries as new chief executive Graham Wallace battles to reduce a cost base that is too high “even for a top-flight club”.

Jefferies does not believe Rangers will be hit with insolvency, nor would he take any pleasure in such a scenario being played out in Govan. However, the Pars manager knows the East End Park side could benefit if the problems were to come to a head and affect promotion from League 1 this term.

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Rangers would stand to have 25 points deducted from their tally this season if they were to go into administration, a penalty that if imposed now would drop them to eight points below second-placed Dunfermline and leave them with a fight for the one automatic promotion spot.

Jefferies said: “I don’t believe it myself, and I can’t see it happening, but there’s always this rumour going about that Rangers are not out of the woods yet and you’ve got to be in a position [to capitalise].

“I’m not suggesting we want that but if that’s the case then you’ve got to be the club that is able to take advantage if anything like that happens. But I take that with a pinch of salt. I think Rangers will get sorted out and be in the Championship next year.”