How Morton fans have reacted to Ray McKinnon’s departure

Ray McKinnon. Pic: SNS
Ray McKinnon. Pic: SNS
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Ray McKinnon’s decision to leave Morton after only a few months in charge to take over at Falkirk has not gone down well with fans of the Greenock side.

After leading Morton to second placed in the Championship table after picking up seven points from the first three games, the former Dundee United and Raith Rovers manager surprised many by moving to Falkirk, who currently sit bottom of the table with no points.

Morton chairman Crawford Rae responded to the news by issuing a statement late last night where he registered “sadness and a tinge of resentment” that McKinnon had departed.

Morton fans took to social media to voice their own displeasure at the move:

@MortonSlo: “Ray McKinnon has utter snaked the club. As a fan I’m disgusted with him. I also find it incredibly insulting that he has thanked the Morton fans on the Falkirk website.”

@morton0101: “Ridiculous. You can’t treat a club like that. We offer him a job and 3 months later he walks off to Falkirk who are sitting bottom of the league.”

@Colkitto: “Appalling behaviour by McKinnon. No decency, integrity or class. Falkirk are welcome to him.”

@ConnorMcGeorge: “Mental, but a great statement to come out with. Looks as if everyone is pulling in the right direction. God knows what Falkirk have said to McKinnon to make him go there.”

@GerryMcGeehan: “A strong and informative statement...seems a very deceitful and dishonest approach from ex manager!”

Craig Johnstone: “Didn’t want him anyway. Would still love hoppy to come in.”

@LynnHar99825545: “So disappointed. No loyalty whether player or manager. It’s all money orientated.”

@graham_mclennan: “Well said Chairman and let’s come out fighting!”

Neil Leitch: “Come on Ye Ton. Nobody is bigger than the club.”

Gio Gur: “We will show McKinnon he made a mistake when we finish in top 4 and boring Falkirk are relegated”