Mark Warburton in his own words

'You've got to trust the board here. I hope very much that the board have done their due diligence on me. I got very positive answers about the ambition of the club. That was very clear, as was the passion behind the club. There is a desire to take the club back to where it was before.'On his unveiling at Ibrox in June 2015
Mark Warburton. Picture: Michael GillenMark Warburton. Picture: Michael Gillen
Mark Warburton. Picture: Michael Gillen

“There’s still a gap there, don’t be fooled. We were the better team and the better team won on the day but Celtic are packed with internationals.

Nothing’s changed from the previous message – we have to work hard to close the gap. But today showed that the gap is nowhere near as big as people made out. We can’t go into next season feeling satisfied with second, third or fourth.”

After beating Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi-final

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“Bringing Joey to Rangers is a big statement of intent by the club. He can help us get even more out of our developing talents, inspire everyone to get to the next level, winning more trophies, getting us where a club like Rangers has to be... at the very top.”

On signing Joey Barton

“The whole media aspect is so negative; I’m an Englishman working in Scotland, and even I find it depressing. Some of the comments, some of the programmes that we see on TV are so negative. I am not going to say that we enjoyed losing a game of football, but I’d rather have a positive outlook on football, than a negative one. It seems that too many aspects of the Scottish media are negative, and it would be good for the game if they are a little more positive when the situation arises. I have been told its part of the culture, but I have been surprised.”

Hitting out at ‘negativity’ following the 5-1 defeat at Celtic

“My personal view is that to play teams four times is inappropriate. What is missing in Scottish football is sizeable investment. How do you get it? By improved quality of product. That’s what I believe. It’s just my opinion, not the club, but I think it has got to be freshened up. We were still in November and had played Hibs three times and Livingston three times. It’s ludicrous. I don’t know about boring but I think it is repetitive for fans.”

Complaining about a ‘ludicrous’ league structure

“I didn’t say ‘Going for 55’ in season 16/17. The fact is we have to take this club back to the top. It’s a world-famous, top-class football institution. We are not where we were when we had Gascoigne, Laudrup and Van Bronckhorst. We can’t go and buy £50 million of talent. This is the most successful club in the world. We are not constantly in Celtic’s shadow. Are we there yet? No. Will we get back there? I have absolutely no doubt that this club will get back to the top. No doubts whatsoever.”

Insisting he didn’t say the title was a realistic prospect this season

“I don’t want to appear disrespectful, I think that the City environment and the skills that you learn are translatable. Man-management is getting more prevalent. If you can deal with people, you can do well.”

On the difference between trading floor and football management

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“It’s a privilege to be manager here at Rangers. I have a job in hand to do here. Right now I’ve got a fantastic job and as I say it is a privilege to be here.”

Warburton refutes any suggestion he will quit