Liverpool discuss ex-Celtic starlet Ben Doak and former Aberdeen starlet Calvin Ramsay - 'cool place to scout again'

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hailed Scotland as a “cool place to scout again” on the eve of the club’s first-ever competitive clash with Rangers.

Klopp already knows from experience about Scotland’s improved reserves of talent. As well as Andy Robertson, who is injured for tonight’s Champions League Group A clash, he also has Calvin Ramsay, seen by some as the long-term replacement for Trent Alexander-Arnold, currently facing criticism at both club and international level.

The Liverpool manager also referenced Ben Doak, a full back from Edinburgh who is in the Under-18s side after joining from Celtic.

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“It’s increased a lot,” said Klopp. “Rangers and Celtic are obviously the stand-out teams in the league, that’s not news, but how they do in Europe and Rangers’ run in Europe last year was exceptional.

Liverpool signed Calvin Ramsay from Aberdeen during the summer.

“The (Borussia) Dortmund game was just really good. Especially the home game you saw how the atmosphere can give you the edge in the game so it was really impressive.

“Celtic are doing really well and the Scotland game is full of talent. We have another Scottish boy in Calvin and another big talent in the under-18s (Doak), so it’s a cool place to scout again.

“That’s a good sign for Scottish football,” he added. “It may be a bit disappointing they’re not still in Scotland but if a player is really developing, it’s not unlikely that he at least gives it a try in the Premier League. But it’s, for sure, a much better moment than four or five years ago and that’s down to the players.”

Liverpool left back and Robsertson deputy Kostas Tsimikas also mentioned Ramsay, who has only just returned to training after picking up an injury following his summer transfer from Aberdeen.

Ben Doak, signed from Celtic, is in Liverpool's Under-18s.

“First of all, he is a good lad,” said the Greek defender. “When he came to the team and when he was injured, we spent some time together to teach him and see what kind of guy he is.

“He is a great lad,” he added. “He will help the team now he is fully fit. I saw him in training and he did very good stuff.

"When you are a good player, you can challenge the guy who plays in front of you (Alexander-Arnold) and I think it will be a good competition.”