Lincoln Red Imps probe '˜defamatory' TV reporting

Lincoln Red Imps have confirmed they are '˜reviewing the very damaging and defamatory reporting made on a TV channel' after Sky Sports News cited fake statistics about the Gibraltar outfit following their historic win over Celtic.

Lincoln Red Imps celebrate at full time. Picture: SNS Group
Lincoln Red Imps celebrate at full time. Picture: SNS Group

Veteran presenter Mike Wedderburn said to former Celtic striker Andy Walker: “Andy, let’s put this into perspective. Celtic’s opponents play to an average crowd of 28 and can’t train on Tuesdays because the pitch is taken up by the local metal detecting society.”

Wedderburn’s questions appear to have been taken from a graphic created by the Twitter account @WeahsCousin, which regularly posts made-up quotes and spoof graphics on social media for comic effect.

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After Celtic’s stunning loss to Lincoln Red Imps, the account posted its latest creation, which also claimed Lincoln had never scored against a professional side before, and had hired their manager via a competition.

The stats were retweeted more than 2500 times, but Sky Sports News could find themslves in hot water with the Gibraltar champions after falling for the fake graphic.