Kilmarnock star hits out at grass pitches on Twitter and defends artificial surfaces

Kilmarnock goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann has defended the use of artificial surfaces in Scotland.

The Austrian took to Twitter to express his opinion following PFA Scotland’s call to ban plastic pitches in the top tier.

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The organisation also stated their desire for a blanket policy to ensure all surfaces – artificial or grass – are maintained to the highest possible standard in the Championship, League One and League Two.

PFA Scotland consulted its members over the synthetic surfaces in the Premiership which led to players signing a petition against them. Players from Hamilton Accies, Kilmarnock and Livingston were not consulted.

St Johnstone midfielder Liam Craig, chairman of the players’ union, said: “Players believe that removing artificial surfaces from the top league and improving them throughout the SPFL Championship, League One and League Two will have a positive impact on our game in Scotland.

“The inconsistency of artificial surfaces at the top level is a major factor on how the game is played by players. The ball rolls and bounces differently which affects a player’s decision making. Movements such as running, turning and tackling on the pitch also have a negative impact on the body which inevitably affects a player’s performance.”

PFA Scotland boss Fraser Wishart called it a “strong, powerful message”.

Kilmarnock goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann hit out at grass pitches. Picture: SNS/Alan HarveyKilmarnock goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann hit out at grass pitches. Picture: SNS/Alan Harvey
Kilmarnock goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann hit out at grass pitches. Picture: SNS/Alan Harvey

However, Bachmann had his say, criticising some of the grass surfaces he has played on in Scotland.

He posted: “Some of the grass pitches we played on this season are worse than the oldest possible artificial pitches...”

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The Killie No.1 was backed by Livingston boss Gary Holt who led a stinging rebuke of the petition. He called for the union to pay the club £1million to rip it up.

“I’m aware of the petition, but I’m not interested in what it says. I don’t give two hoots,” he said.

“We haven’t broken any rules, we didn’t stick two fingers up to people and say: ‘we’re putting this in, like it or lump it’. Research was done and standards were met.

“If Fifa say it is allowed, then that’s that. World Cup qualifiers are played on it, Champions League games are played on it. If someone tells us that it isn’t allowed, then fine. But that isn’t the case and it never will be, so just stop moaning about it.

“Are PFA Scotland going to get Fifa to change their rules? Never going to happen.”