Josh Quigley: Help me feed a homeless person and give them hope

There are an estimated 100 million people homeless worldwide.

Josh with Maurice who inspired his project. Picture: Tartan Explorer

In 2016, with the amount of money and wealth we have in the world I don’t believe that is right.

I want to do something to help the millions of people who have to beg on the street every day just to get food and water.

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I’m currently travelling the world by bike, and it’s my goal to feed people in every single country that I cycle through.

I’ve came up with this global campaign that will allow me to feed homeless people all around the world.

For just £5, you can buy a homeless person a meal.

I will buy the homeless person the meal and then sit on the floor with them and spend some time with getting to know them whilst we share food.

Buying them food is really important as it’s one of the basic needs that they struggle with.

But the conversation and the time spent with them is the most important part of this campaign.

I want to show these people that there are people out there that care about them and through spending some time with them and giving them some love and attention I want to provide hope to them that life can get better.

My name is Josh Quigley, and I’m currently attempting to cycle around the world as The Tartan Explorer . After surviving a suicide attempt last year I decided to embark on a huge challenge around the world to show how people with mental health problems can choose life over suicide and achieve their wildest dreams.

My cycle will take me through 80 countries around the world and it is my goal to feed people who are homeless in every single country that I cycle through.

I’m personally passionate about this because I suffered quite badly with depression in the past and I can rememeber thinking that life would never get better and I had no hope for a brighter future.

Now that life is so much better for me now and I’ve managed to overcome my depression. I want to give back and try and help people who may have similar mental health problems like I did.

I came up with this idea when I was on Oslo, Norway. I was sitting on a park bench feeling rather lonely and isolated, having been away from home for 8 weeks now.

I decided I was going to go and do a random act of kindness and went and bought a meal for a homeless man in Olso named Maurice.

You can see the photo of me and Maurice at the top of this page.

The look in Maurice’s eyes when I told him I wanted to buy him some food and spend some time with him will last with me forver.

I made a committment to myself that night as I was walking away that I would spend the rest of my life giving to others and helping those less fortunate than myself.

I quickly realised though that I don’t have the budget to keep feeding people on my own so I wanted to create this campaign that allows people from all around the world to help and get involved and means we can continue feed homeless people.

I shared the story of me and Maurice and social media and it was so well received.

In a time where social media and the news is filled with so much hate and negativity, I want to instead fill social media with love and positivity.

The 0.1% of people who commit attrocities in this world are the loudest at the moment and it’s time for the loving majority to stand up and take back control of the media and show the world for the amazing place that it is.

So with each £5 raised. I can feed a homeless person, get to know them and their story, make them feel loved and then share the story of our time together on social media and encourage others to share this positive story and also embark on their own random acts of kindness.

My dream is to feed millions of people around the world one day and to feed people on every single continent.

After smashing the first £500 target in just 6 hours on the first day. The new target is £1,000 which would allow us to feed 200 people.

I would love if people could unite behind this idea to help those less fortunate and let’s take back control of the media and start showing some positive stories full of love and compassion.

Thank you

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