'This isn't going to get any better' - Scotland fans react to Portugal defeat

Another Scotland game, another disappointment. Fans reacted with bafflement, apathy and humour.

Scotland have been left to reflect on another defeat.
Scotland have been left to reflect on another defeat.

@A_Southwick: Alex McLeish the easy target, and you'll get long odds on him surviving much longer. But, Scotland will benefit from the amount of players he's given debuts to. The next manager will thank him for trying to see if three at the back works. He's been brave enough to take the flak.

@JordanC1107: McLeish wasn’t helped by the decision to play top nations when trying to work on a style of play. Why, when preparing for a competition which pits nations of a similar calibre against each other, would you choose Peru, Mexico & Belgium? Little possession and damages confidence.

@Dunnyboy: Mcleish talking about bouncebackability in his post match interview. What year is this?? 2002?

@richardwinton: Pumped by Portugal’s reserves amid an abject, impotent display. This isn’t going to get any better.

@terracepodcast: Dear Alex McLeish,

Please resign.



@ibroxrocks: On the plus side, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever have any controversy about many of this side going into the HoF.

@Footballstewart: Too much players in recent squads under both managers who will never be international quality.

@mstewart_23: Anger, annoyance now being overtaken by apathy! Are the authorities listening and watching? In my opinion there’s a group of players there who are capable of qualifying for EURO 2020

@Chr1sMcLaughlin: Yeah not sure why many have rewritten Strachan's history. He failed twice.

@Nareystoepoker: Now now, all you naysayers. I'm sure you'll all agree that Alex McLeish will have learned loads from losing tonight's pointless friendly against superior opponents. After all, he learned loads from losing all those other pointless friendlies against superior opponents, didn't he?

@ThibautMath78: Wow, for the last 10 seconds of the game Scotland looked like Barcelona

@CMcLaughlin84: Funny the way the Scottish FA targeted a whole new approach with a fresh, dynamic, up-and-coming Manager who would revolutionise their prospects with a root and branch analysis of every aspect of football in the country, then they went 'F**k it, just get McLeish again'.

@chris_sutton73: Scotland 1-3 Portugal...It wasn’t a contest but did we really expect anything else? McLeish deserves the Nations League games v Albania and Israel...the truth is Scotland haven’t been good for a long long time...

@RossMcCaff: So McLeish has now lost 6 games out of 8, including to a piss-poor Israel and two absolute shellackings from Portugal and Belgium.

Who would have thought a guy who was sacked from his last job in Egypt two years ago would fail to succeed ?

@Dunning90: I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a million voices who had Portugal -2 suddenly cried out in terror.

@ketaminedrams: Anyway if only we had *looks at notes* Chris Martin or Barry Bannan