Is this the worst football strip of all time?

How would you like to turn up to your next game of five-a-side wearing this?How would you like to turn up to your next game of five-a-side wearing this?
How would you like to turn up to your next game of five-a-side wearing this?

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Way back in the early 90s there was a WWE wrestler called Giant Gonzalez. A 7ft 7in former Argentine basketball player, Gonzalez had experience in other wrestler companies before being recruited by the industry's leader.

Memories of his time in the company are scarce, though fans remember two things: 1) a terrible Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker, and 2) that horrendous full body suit his character wore.

The motivation behind giving the giant such a hideous piece of attire was presumably that it was supposed unsettle the viewing audience. It definitely accomplished that goal, but instead of unsettling the average fan in the same way a good horror move would - keeping you gripped and on the edge of your seat - it just unsettled in a I-really-want-to-stop-watching-this-or-I’ll-lose-my-lunch kind of way.

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Though this gimmick was quickly binned and seemingly confined to sports history forever, it would appear his legacy has lived on, for there is a team in the fourth tier of Spanish football who’ve looked at the body suit concept and thought: “not a bad idea, that.”

CD Palencia Balompié, otherwise known as Deportivo Palencia, wanted their team to have an advantage over the opposition when the Tercera División Group 8 play-offs start next week. After a quick brainstorming session it was decided that a fleshy new shirt was the way to go.

They brought in Juan Francisco Martin, who was previously responsible for a tuxedo-style kit (because why not?) and he came up with this monstrosity which will, and I quote, “get under the skin” of Palencia’s opponents. Nice.

Unsurprisingly, it not only has the Spanish press talking but also fans from across the globe as it’s spread like wildfire on social media.

Scottish clubs are just beginning to release images of their new kits to the viewing public ahead of next season. So, before you slate the latest offering from your side, just remember, it could be so much worse.


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