Inverness suspend player over ‘Orangemen’ tweet

INVERNESS Caledonian Thistle have suspended a player over an alleged tweet published last night suggesting that Orangemen should be shot.

Inverness player Joe Gorman has been suspended by the club pending an investigation into a remark the player is alleged to have made. Picture: SNS

Joe Gorman, a former Republic of Ireland youth international, reportedly sent the public message on Twitter following a documentary screened on Sky presented by Ross Kemp on sectarian disorder and conflict in Northern Ireland.

Gorman allegedly wrote: “Ross Kemp in Belfast talking about the troubles, wouldn’t you just love to open up on all them orange men.”

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The club are carrying out an investigation over the incident.

Users of the social network were widely critical of the tweet, with some calling for the 19-year-old’s arrest.

Inverness chairman Kenny Cameron said: “As soon as we were made aware of the allegations, and following a discussion with the player we can confirm that he has been suspended by the club pending an internal disciplinary investigation”.

Before ths suspension was announced, a spokeswoman for the club said: “We’re aware of the tweet. It’s a serious breach of club policy so it will be dealt with accordingly.”

The tweet, and Gorman’s account, have both since been deleted.