'Why are you trying to dress us like we're watching the Six Nations in a wine bar?' - Fans react to new Scotland top designs

Scotland fans have reacted with a mixture of incredulity and disgust after the Scottish FA revealed a shortlist of designs for a new official Scotland fan t-shirt.

The fan polo shirt designs have not gone down particularly well with supporters
The fan polo shirt designs have not gone down particularly well with supporters

Scottish football's governing body issued a statement saying: "Last month we asked fans to help design an official Scotland fan t-shirt.

"We had hundreds of responses to the survey, which has been used to inform designs for five shirt options.

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"You can have your say on the designs of the shirt. Once a winner has been chosen, a special edition shirt will be made and available for purchase from JD and the museum shop at Hampden Park."

But it doesn't look like Tartan Army footsoldiers are going to be plucking the shirts off the shelves if the responses on social media are any measure.

One fan wrote: "These efforts are atrocious!" while another admitted: "These all make me wanna do a big sicky everywhere."

Clark Gillies tweeted: "1-3 look like those polo shirts that were fashionable in the mid 2000's that you could buy in USC with your Soviet Jeans... 5 is the best of a bad lot, but going by previous SSC shirts, doubt it will ever leave the wrapping."

Iain Meiklejohn added: "Absolutely stinking. Like all the guff they sell in the tartan gift shops down the Royal Mile. I refuse to believe ANYONE suggested a top with one white sleeve, one blue sleeve. Nonsense."

Another fan echoed Iain's comments, writing: "Brutal. Do they come with a serving of shortbread? Back to the drawing board I’m afraid."

One supporter asked the SFA: "Why are you trying to make us dress like we're watching the Six Nations in a wine bar?"

Another demanded that the Association "delete" the tweet, adding: "These are absolutely honking."

@NeBnns tweeted: "Shirt 5, but with the badge from 4, so it doesn't look like an old man's bowling club t-shirt."

Todd Allan replied: "Would vote if there were any I liked. Not sure what the remit was but I think it was maybe wrong if this is the best of them."

Ronnie Young asked: "Do you have a 'none of them' option?"

Someone sharing a name with former Scotland national team boss Craig Brown said: "Voted for 5 as the best of a bad bunch. But what relevance does 1873 have to the modern day squad? The rest are tourist shop nonsense!"

Paul Watson wrote: "Hopefully you take on board the feedback, all awful... makes it worse you want folk to buy them! When I read about this assumed it came with membership... obviously not and trying to fleece fans even further!"

Another supporter quipped: "Can we see them modelled by XL and XXL bodies? It'll give most of us a better idea of reality rather than your svelte tailors dummies..."

Jamie Watson added: "Come on Scottish FA. Up your game or people are going to get more apathetic than [they] already are."

Jim Meechan said: "That’s seriously the best you could come up with? A nursery could do better."

Kevin Wickham admitted: "Genuinely thought this was rugby gear" while another commenter simply asked: "Darts shirts?"