Which Scottish Premiership ground is most popular - thousands of fans rank the 12 top-flight grounds?

A look at how football fans have voted on the best grounds in the Ladbrokes Premiership

Which ground in the Scottish Premiership is the most popular? Picture: SNS

Who has the best ground in the Ladbrokes Premiership? It is a question that provokes debate as fans of clubs put the case forward for their club, while judging their rivals on what is the best ground to visit and what is the best away day.

FootballGroundMap.com compile a ranking of the 12 grounds in the Scottish top-flight, which fluctuates depending on votes, with from more than 60,000 visitors across the grounds. Football supporters have had their say on the overall rating and categories which included location, view, food, facilities, atmosphere and police.

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Click and scroll through, from the least favourite to the favourite of fans.

Rated 12th for atmosphere.
Visitors found the view at Fir Park the poorest in the league.
Fans view Livi as having the second-best facilities in the league.
Scored highly for facilities but rated worst for police.
Unsurprisingly topped the list for food and featured highly for facilities but 11th for location.
The Staggies' ground is regarded as second best for location with only a two minute walk or so from the train station.
Scored very highly for views, police and facilities but still regarded as sixth best in the league.
Don't score highly on many aspects but do on the overall rating.
Rated the best in the league for location. Scores highly for view and atmosphere.
Second for view and atmosphere and score highly for location.
Rated best for atmosphere. Lower for location and view.
Doesn't top any individual aspects but best for overall rating.