We just need to try to get through

Peterhead fell to a 6-0 drubbing at Raith on Wednesday night, but Blue Toon manager Jim McInally wasn’t too distraught, instead focusing on getting players back and getting through a tough period.
Peterhead manager Jim McInally says his side’s inexperience showed in the game against Raith Rovers.Peterhead manager Jim McInally says his side’s inexperience showed in the game against Raith Rovers.
Peterhead manager Jim McInally says his side’s inexperience showed in the game against Raith Rovers.

The Blue Toon boss said: “I don't think we could have had a worse game to come off after Sunday to play Raith Rovers. Their first game under a new manager - the boys are nice and bright, good players. And, obviously, when you see what we have lost and you see Scott Brown playing for them, it's a big, big jump.

“So it's just a case of trying to get through this period, get our stronger players back in the team and just get everybody in.

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“Boys like Olajuwon Adeyamo haven't played 90 minutes in about a year or something like that. He played 90 minutes tonight; Ryan Dow, Andrew McDonald, Paul Dixon, Jack Brown ... so it's important game time for them.

“For the younger boys, it was a harsh lesson in how cruel football can be. You just make a wee mistake and, before you know it, the ball is in the net.

“The main thing was to get through the game without injuries, which we have done, because we're probably at the stage where, if we got any injuries, we would not be able to play on Saturday, which would have been pretty embarrassing. So we just need to see this wee period out.”

He continued: “The whole situation is we had six people out today, we got two significant injuries to two of our best players, a suspension that was self-inflicted with another of our best players, one player to get an operation and another coming back from an operation, and obviously our goalkeeper was in Spain. We'll have him back on Friday, so that helps us out enormously.

“So there's a bit of everything. The trepidation was for me that we got more injuries. Jordon Brown ran off to be sick before the third goal so you just think to yourself 'things can't get any worse' sometimes and I suppose the lucky thing was it was only six.

“I've been in the game long enough to know we just need to see this through. This isn't the real season for us, it's all about the league and it's about just trying to see this through. We'll catch a break at some point - we'll need to try and get another three players or something like that in. We just need to bide our time.”

The club continues to build for the season ahead, but McInally admits there are no immediate changes to talk of.

“There’s nothing in the pipeline and I think every club is the same. We just need to hope it changes and, when I look at our serious players, to a certain extent, and I look at who's coming back in, especially with Ryan Strachan and Jason Brown, we will be reasonably strong at the back, which is probably the most important area.

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“So we just need to see it through. Nobody likes to lose like that but I did worry about it because they (Raith) are a good side, a nice and slick team, clever players who play one-twos and bounce it about you, and our inexperience showed in the game.”