Who are the top 30 players in the Scottish women's top tier in 2022? Photo credit: Getty Images/SNS

SWPL: The 30 best players in the Scottish Women's Premier League 2022 - including Rangers, Celtic, Glasgow City, Hibs and Hearts

It’s time for our annual top 30 list! Once again, we asked a panel of Scottish Women’s Premier League managers, coaches, players, journalists and experts for their top 10 SWPL players of 2022. Here is who they picked.

A year on, we asked the same question to a panel of current SWPL managers, assistant managers, coaches and players as well as former players, SWPL experts and journalists to give us their list of the 10 best players in the SWPL.

Last year saw Glasgow City and 103 time Scotland international Hayley Lauder take the title as Scotland’s top women’s player – can she claim the award for the second time?

Each player's points are awarded for their ranking (ie: position one = 10 points, position two = 9 points, position three = 8 points etc.) to give us the definitive list of 2022’s best players in the Scottish women’s top tier.

The panel – all of whom are respected voices within the Scottish game – contributed anonymously and were not allowed to choose their own club’s players if they had an affliation with any SWPL club – so their choices are not guided by club or professional loyalties.

So whether you’re an avid fan of the SWPL and its stars or new to the league looking to find out more, here is who the experts voted as the best 30 players in the league for the year 2022.

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