Could this be the new look Scottish football league system - Livingston's proposals for reconstruction

The West Lothian club have put forward a 14-10-10-10 proposal

Livingston have put forward a proposal for league reconstruction which the club believes would show Scottish football at its “progressive best”.

The West Lothian outfit were one of the clubs to vote in favour of the SPFL’s resolution to terminate the season and now want to play a proactive part in a revamp of the leagues.

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The club are against any temporary measure and want to see a permanent solution implemented which is both achievable and fair.

Livingston have put forward league reconstruction proposals. Picture: SNSLivingston have put forward league reconstruction proposals. Picture: SNS
Livingston have put forward league reconstruction proposals. Picture: SNS

A 14-strong league reconstruction task force met for the first time on Monday. Livingston are not part of the group but a club official is in regular contact with those on it.

Livi’s proposals would see the SPFL increase from 42 clubs to 44 with a 14-10-10-10 system.

In the Premiership they have suggested a 6/8 split with “space created for any fixture backlogs and potential cup games which generally involves the top six teams”.

In terms of promotion and relegation, the club have proposed a two up, two down system in each league, with the champions of the Highland League and Lowland League coming straight up rather than having to go through two play-offs.

Livi have also suggested the possibility of a play-off between 12th in the Premiership and third in the Championship.

The current play-off system would no longer be in place.

The club said in a statement: “Livingston Football Club feels it is important that we address all our fans and fellow member clubs in our beliefs regarding league reconstruction. We feel it is paramount that we are open and transparent from the outset.

“We have passed the first part in which we, as part of the 81 per cent of all member clubs, voted “yes” for the SPFL’s resolution to end the 2019/20 Seasons for the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2. We always believed that this would be a two-part process, and it is appropriate to now address the second part: league reconstruction.

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“We believe permanent league reconstruction is the most progressive way forward for Scottish Football as a whole. The introduction of the Highland League and Lowland League champions every year into the SPFL will bring the total number of clubs from 42 to 44. This would have a minimal financial effect on all current SPFL clubs.

“We feel it is fundamental to the sporting integrity of Scottish Football that no club suffers the financial effects which relegation would bring, as a result of the remaining games not being fulfilled.

“This league reconstruction model is not only achievable, but it is also fair. No club will be prejudiced by the league ending early through no fault of their own. Some divisions had as much as up to 25 per cent of league games left, with the Premiership split of bottom six still to happen. These unfinished games had the potential to change the dynamics across the leagues.

“As a club we passionately believed our proposal, if adopted, would show Scottish Football as its progressive best. It would achieve the twin objectives of no member club being unduly punished for an incomplete season on the field of play, while preserving the sporting integrity of the game.

“We are open to dialogue with the Reconstruction Group, but for the record, we do see permanent reconstruction as the fairest and simplest way forward.”