Hibs owner Ron Gordon speaks on Deloitte review - 'some exciting things there for the league'

Hibs owner Ron Gordon believes that clubs are willing to set aside the pettiness and self-interest that has held the game back in the past and work together to improve the Scottish game.
Hibs owner Ron Gordon is optimistic about the future.Hibs owner Ron Gordon is optimistic about the future.
Hibs owner Ron Gordon is optimistic about the future.

Involved in commissioning an external review, along with Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee and Dundee United, he says the group are close to publicising the findings of the Deloitte report and says he is confident that when it comes to implementing change, they can overcome the politics.

“There is some of that,” said Gordon, “but I am encouraged by the willingness of everybody to really bring something positive to the table. Hopefully, when presented with the plan – and we have kept it very simple, there are no complicated aspects – everyone will get behind it because these are all very good building blocks for the Scottish game.

“Honestly I am very encouraged by what I have seen so far.

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“I think we have one more brainstorming meeting on one aspect then I think we should be in a position to present to the board in either June or July.

“There are some exciting things there for the league, I think. There has been a lot of collaboration and there has been good progress. I am excited about that.”

Determined to keep leaks at bay until then, he refused to elaborate on the initial findings or on the recommendations made on how to progress but he insisted the time is right to make advances and improve Scotland’s co-efficient.

“I think there is a real commitment from clubs at all levels to try and propel the game forward. Wednesday night was a little disappointing in that Rangers did not win but it is great that they are there.

“In terms of our European competition, if you look at the last four years then Scotland would probably be number seven, or something like that, which is great. We want to get right up there and get more places in Europe and compete on the continent.

“Everybody is very passionate about the game here. That is a good thing, it can also not be a good thing. I would rather have passion than no passion. People have opinions, they are very vested in their own clubs and the game, which is great.”