'Doesn't sit right' - Hamilton chairman believes league reconstruction is to save Hearts

Allan Maitland doesn’t think league reconstruction would be a discussion if Hamilton were bottom

Allan Maitland (right) reckons league reconstruction is being done to save Hearts. Picture: SNS

Hamilton Academical chairman Allan Maitland believes league reconstruction is being done to save Hearts.

The Accies chief feels the way it is being approached doesn’t “sit right” with him as he pushes for a longer term solution.

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Hearts chairman Ann Budge is leading the task force alongside Hamilton’s vice chair Les Gray with the group meeting twice last week.

It appears that there are two options that are preferred. A 14-14-14 system which would not see any new teams added to the 42 or a 14-10-10-10 which would see two added.

Maitland, who admits league reconstruction has no benefit to Hamilton, is wary of a temporary fix.

He told Only Accies Podcast: "I understand the value in saying: 'look, let's make sure nobody is penalised, it's no-one's fault this has happened so next year we'll be able to revert to what it was. I can see that.

“But equally it looks very much like it's to save Hearts as a one-off season and that doesn't sit right. I know I may get in trouble for that but I think it looks a bit narrow-minded.

“A longer term solution of a 14-team league would work much better as far as we're concerned and that's the way we're going to go and vote for it, I think.”

A quick decision is not expected, although Maitland doesn’t think there would have been a decision to make if Hamilton were in Hearts’ position, but admits to having sympathy for their Premiership rivals, as well as Partick Thistle and Stranraer who were relegated from the Championship and League One respectively following the passing of the SPFL Resolution.

"I've said that right from the beginning,” he said.

"No matter what we think about Hearts and Ann Budge's situation it's really not fair that you get penalised for something that's outwith your control.

"Hearts are still a long way from being safe, I've got to say, but certainly if you look at Falkirk's position and Partick Thistle's position in particular it looks a bit unfair on them.

"So in the bigger picture I can see why it's unfair for someone to be penalised for being in this position."