Hearts fans react to Betfred Cup semi-final fixture chaos... and Motherwell win

Hearts reached their first semi-final since 2014 with a 4-2 win over Motherwell in a pulsating encounter at Tynecastle. However the venue of the semi-final clash with Celtic is yet to be decided.

Hearts fans have had their say on Jambos Kickback and social media regarding the uncertainty with BT Murrayfield an attractive option for the Capital fans.

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@lawrencebroadie: “Come in Murrayfield. Your time is probably now!”

Hearts fans have had their say on the venue of their Betfred Cup semi-final against Celtic. Picture: SNS/Ross MacDonald

TorqueJambo: “It would make sense. Aberdeen and one of the Glasgow teams has to travel anyhow, so why make another support travel needlessly. This is the SPFL/SFA though so I wouldn’t be surprised if Aberdeen-Rangers is played there, needlessly inconveniencing 15,000 or so Hearts fans.”

Alan Brien: “Save Hampden for the final”

Disco Dave: “So Aberdeen, Rangers and Hearts fans all on the trains going in all directions....... what could go wrong! If its Murrayfield, it has to be us playing there.

Locky: “Hibs refused Murrayfield in 2012 on the basis we ‘knew’ Murrayfield. Celtic can’t really say that as they played 2 qualifying ties there in 2014.”

luckyBatistuta: “They’ll play the Aberdeen Rangers tie at Murrayfield, saying that the decision was 100% based on the travelling Aberdeen fans.”

RobNox: “Celtic have a bigger support than Rangers. Hearts have a bigger support than Aberdeen. The only sensible option would be Hearts v Celtic at Murrayfield, which has a significantly higher capacity then Hampden. It’ll never happen though!”

Ugly American: “If it comes down to money, our game should be at Murrayfield. Given their recent successes Celtic would bring more fans to Edinburgh than Rangers, and obviously more Hearts fans would go to Murrayfield than to Glasgow. That will put Murrayfield’s bigger capacity to use, while Aberdeen are unlikely to take more than about 10k at most to anywhere in the central belt.”

Paulp74: “I can’t see them having the two games in Glasgow on the same day. That would be a recipe for disaster!”

Jodami: “There is a very good chance that if this game is played at Murrayfield we would outnumber Celtic fans in a cup semi final.”

@framcca: “Makes sense for Hearts vs Celtic at Murrayfield to limit travel chaos. Unlikely to be popular with Aberdeen or Celtic fans though”

@jamiekborthwick: “Love the League Cup semi conundrums. Both at Hampden on the same day? It’s crazy but it might just work!”

hmfc1984: “How is hearts at Murrayfield any different to a Glasgow team playing in Glasgow?”

Nucky Thompson: “Just make one of them play on the Saturday. Festive fixtures in England sometimes get played 2 days after the other”

Turkishcap: “Remind me are the gate receipts shared for all teams semi and final? Cos if they are that would be great towards paying for our pitch.”

Yet, the main thing for Hearts fans is that they are into a semi-final after a wonderful game of football...

@Real_C_Wilson: “Fantastic night. Very proud.”

Keith Carlyon: “Absolutely incredible game,credit To Motherwell who never gave up,we would have lost that game last season but this Hearts team doesn’t know how to lose, Hampden here we come”





@_garymiller: “ANNOUNCE TREBLE”

@maroonspecs: “Going to have the sweetest dreams about that @DikamonaClevid pass tonight.”

@maroonajambo: “Motherwell played their part too, and they brought a decent crowd with them. Brilliant ending and well deserved. Scottish football is on the up”

@martingray100: “The noise when our goals went in was something else. Tonight is what football is all about, two teams going at it wanting to score goals with an excellent atmosphere, what a game.”

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