Glenrothes Strollers ‘ready’ for big step to East of Scotland

Glenrothes Strollers club chairperson Fiona Redpath admits it is a big step applying to join the senior pyramid but she stressed it is one the club are ready for.

Glenrothes Strollers play at Overstenton.
Glenrothes Strollers play at Overstenton.

Earlier this month, the community team revealed they have applied to join the East of Scotland set up (tier 6 of the pyramid )for the start of next season along with junior outfit Glenrothes Juniors.

The Strollers have made big strides off the park being one of the first clubs to be awarded the SFA’s legacy mark and have over 500 players and 50 volunteers, with a new sports pavilion opening at Overstenton Park in 2017.

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They have also enjoyed success at different age groups and levels and Redpath believes now is the time to move the club forward.

She told the Gazette: “It’s a really big step in a number of years we have got to the point where we are ready for it. We’ve a 17 to 19s team that are winning leagues and cups and those guys are taken away from the club. We want them to move forward – that is everything we are about – but we also want to give them something to aim for. “We’ve tried to look into partnering up with junior clubs in the past but for whatever reason it hasn’t happened.”

Strollers played in the Kingdom of Fife amateur league in Division One before resigning earlier this month.

Redpath said: “In the past a few junior teams have come in and cherry picked our best players and some of those players have got lost in the junior system. This is a chance to close that gap and give the youngsters something to aspire to. It will be a completely different team from the amateur set up.

“It’s out of our hands but we are confident in our application and we believe we have the credentials needed for East of Scotland football.”