Five things Aberdeen fans should know about Chris Forrester

Everything Aberdeen fans should know about their new midfield playmaker.
Chris Forrester playing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last January. Picture: GettyChris Forrester playing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last January. Picture: Getty
Chris Forrester playing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last January. Picture: Getty
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He appears to be a replacement for Kenny McLean

Similar to the former Dons midfielder, Forrester likes to play the game deeper in the midfield where he can get time to lift his head and survey the scene in front of him. He’s not scared to attempt a long-range pass - finishing 15th in League One for long passes per 90 minutes last season - while he’s also adept at moving play quickly through gaps in the opposing rearguard.

A difference is that, while McLean would often drop into areas in front of the back four from higher up the pitch, Forrester was largely stationed in the deeper role at Peterborough. However, he was signed as a No.10 and fans have wondered whether he was better playing in the advanced position where he would be given greater freedom to roam and pick up areas of space.

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Either way, McLean often acted as a quarterback within the Aberdeen attack. They appear to have found their new gunslinger.

He impresses in the bigger matches

Peterborough supporters, when asked about Forrester’s pedigree, have remarked that he often seems to sparkle in the big matches. Even last season, a rough one for the 25-year-old, one of his better games came in the victory away to Championship Aston Villa in the FA Cup.

It is believed his composure and technique on the football enables him to appear more at home against better opposition, while the rough-and-tumble nature of England’s League One would mean he’d often become lost against run-of-the-mill sides within his own division.

Still, for a team that had difficulties performing against the best of the Ladbrokes Premiership last season - while laying waste to the bottom six - the signing of such a player should provide some tonic.

He was linked with big-money moves not so long ago

“Chris Forrester is the best midfielder by a mile in League One and plenty of big clubs are after him right now. He will go on and be sold for millions and millions and good luck to him if that happens because he has come to England, worked his socks off and turned himself into a top player.”

Those were the words of Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony when Forrester was at the top of his game during the 2016/17 season. At that stage the playmaker was one of the club’s best assets but then came a steep decline. Less than a year later MacAnthony was having to deny rumours of a move back to Ireland with Dundalk.

He was made Peterborough captain - then stripped of the armband

Perhaps in a move to try and keep the player happy, or perhaps boost his value, the Posh made Forrester club captain ahead of the 2016/17 season. This followed the signing of a new three-year deal after a tremendous debut campaign following his move from St Patrick’s. However, his play would dip the following season, particularly in the second half, and manager Gavin McCann decided to strip him of the armband, feeling the responsibility “overwhelmed” the player.

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Things didn’t get any better when the new season started as Forrester found himself battling for a place in the team.

Peterborough fans are wary of letting him go

Despite struggling in the latter half of his career with the Cambridgeshire club, especially in the months leading up to the transfer window, there is still a feeling among some that letting go of Forrester may come back to haunt them.

He’s undoubtedly a talented player. His long legs and quick feet make him a tricky opponent to both dispossess and manoeuvre around. He’s got a tremendous range of passing, he’s mobile and can hit shots from distance. If he can replicate his form from his first season with the Posh in the confines of the Ladbrokes Premiership then there will be clubs bigger than League One keeping a close eye on his progress.