Fans react to Scotland's embarrassing defeat in Israel

Scotland have once again dropped in to remind the football fans of this country that everything is bleak and dark and never going to get any better and there's basically no point in wishing otherwise.

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Israel 2-1 Scotland: Shambolic Scots wilt in Promised Land

Here’s how fans reacted to the latest shambles on social media...

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@callumCBB: People waking up saying Scotland are s**** after last nights result. But they have been s*** since I’ve been alive. I’m 33 on Monday.

@craig_killie: That is the sort of performance that could quite justifiably get a manager sacked. There was absolutely no structure, and even someone as good as Robertson looked lost.

@ShaughanM: McLeish saying he was just about to bring on McKenna before Souttar was red carded, despite the fact McKenna had been brought on at the interval. Weird we lost.

@terracepodcast: With a real swell of positivity about the domestic game in this country, it’s nice of the national team to step in and keep everyone’s feet firmly on the ground.

@Nareystoepoker: Well, god knows how bad Scotland would be but for the important lessons learned in the friendlies against Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Belgium

Steven Naismith appears dejected after Scotland concede their second goal in the 2-1 defeat in Israel. Picture: PA

@paddypower: After defeat to Israel, Scotland manager Alex McLeish said ‘it could have been worse’. Have to admire that. Anytime you f*** up or do something wrong in your life, whip out ‘it could have been worse’ and just move along.

@ScottBell10: In all of my years following Scotland that’s the worst I’ve ever seen! No fight, no desire, no formation and not a f*****g clue!

@matt_prentice1: Been off the booze for a month now and I think that’s pretty good going when you support Motherwell and Scotland

@DuncMcKay: That Scotland performance was in a category I like to call “Butcher bad”.

@Sayers33: Scotland and international football are natural enemies. Like Rangers and the SFA! Or Celtic and the SFA! Or Aberdeen and the SFA! Or SFA board members and the SFA! Damn SFA! They ruined Scotland!

@SevvieGerrard: Scotland should tell Alex McLeish that he’s “resigned” then get Graeme Murty to take over until a new saviour of Scottish football can be announced. Then repeat.

@CouIibalyCartel: Scotland’s national team are an embarrassment to football. Cannot play, can’t maintain a shape, zero technical ability, can’t even park the bus. If not for an excellent keeper in Allan McGregor they would have been pumped by 3 or 4 against a p*** poor Israel team.

@meestah_sahmon: Things that are better than watching Scotland:

• Being haunted by a ghost that makes cutting remarks about your clothes

• Doing a tax return and finding out you owe HMRC some of your bone marrow

• Listening to someone with a thick Edinburgh accent do the phonetic alphabet