Recap: Tartan Army antics ahead of opening Euros game

Tonight, Scotland will face Germany in the opening game of the Euros.


The Tartan Army doesn't do anything by halves.

They have been flooding into Munich over the last few days ahead of tonight's Euro 2024 opener, where Scotland face hosts Germany. 

Follow along with us live here at The Scotsman as we cover match prep, fan updates and all of the joy and fun of the tournament.  Read more: Inside Scotland's Euro 2024 welcome: Aviemore vibes, McGinn and an oompah band, Hearts trackie plus beer jokes

Follow along live as

Our esteemed Sports Editor has a quick chat with our equally esteemed Sports Correspondent, who is currently the envy of the whole newsroom as he is reporting from Munich - surrounded by the Tartan Army.

They talk all things Euros, football and Scotland (obviously).

Now’s the day and now’s the hour Scotland.

There’s only one story in town today.

Millions of fans are set to watch the game and will our team on as the Scotland’ team face Germany in the opening match of the Euros.

The Tartan Army has been descending on Munich and making their presence felt!


Now, we don’t mean to brag - but we’ve been preparing for the Euros for quite some time, and our specialists reporters will be working over time today to bring every moment, every held breath and the highs and lows of what today may bring.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know before today really kicks off.

Inside Scotland's Euro 2024 welcome: Aviemore vibes, McGinn and an oompah band, Hearts trackie plus beer jokes

Scotland were treated to a spectacular welcome to their Euro 2024 Alpine retreat as Steve Clarke’s squad arrived at a resort that might be twinned with Aspen, Colorado but shares many similarities with Aviemore.


Are we really seeing build up to a Scotland game without hearing from the man himself?

Ally McCoist took to Twitter (or X if you’d like) last night - recording from Germany.

Check it out:

We managed to cobble together a few articles showing the fans as they headed to the airport, decked head to tow in tartan, and making us proud!!!

We wish we were there too....

In amongst all the football - there are some lovely and moving moments too!

This is a picture of Ally Brown, 41, from East Lothian, who is travelling to Munich to cheer on Scotland.

Ally was given a life saving bone marrow transplant from a German donor when he was 16. Ally - we hope you have an utterly incredible time!


For those who still go out and buy a paper... and for those who buy a paper on special occasions to keep them so you can remember the moment forever but actually the paper just ends up sitting in a bottom drawer waiting for distant relatives in 100 years to find and marvel over... boy do we have good news for you!

Our stunning paper is in shops now! Rush out quickly!

I know people are probably more desperate to avoid politics today than they normally are - but this is relevant. Promise.

Although the Euros are all on terrestrial channels - the qualifiers weren’t. This is not the first time this issue has come up.

“Westminster has "failed" Scotland fans by not ensuring the national team's football matches are all shown on free-to-air TV, SNP depute leader Keith Brown has said.

While supporters will be able to watch Steve Clarke's team take on hosts Germany in the opening match of Euro 2024 on STV on Friday night, qualifying games for the tournament were not screened on terrestrial channels.

Mr Brown said this contrasted with the situation elsewhere in the UK, with all the England and Wales games free to view for fans.”

Weather, weather, weather

Let’s start with updates for those who might be heading out to the pub, or to one of the fan zones set up to watch the game.

Edinburgh and the East Coast are going to see rain today - but, and this might be an omen - the sun is due to come out around 7 pm. Temperature highs of 14C. Which is pretty nice.

Glasgow and the west. Also rain. Pretty heavy at points, but again, the sun is to come out a little later around 6 ish - though there will still be shower - so cagouls at the ready!

Aberdeen and the north east - showing off up north with very little rain today - although the small showers due are around 6 pm and 7 pm, so again, might need a brolly for at least a bit.

Isle of Skye and the north west isles - fog fog and more fog - and glancing now, some wild thunderstorms due this week. However, again, like an omen from on high - the sun will come out a bit this evening.

SO! Thoughts?

Who is going to win? Who is going to lose? Who is going to score? Who is going to shine? Who will bow out early? What will shock? What will be utterly predictable?

Our team have laid out their own predictions for the tournament - exploring how far they think Scotland will go this Euros, talking you through who they think the players to watch are, who will be the dark horse be and who will win the Golden Boot?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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