Which shirts in the Premiership are the best and worst? Picture: SNS

Ranked: The 12 Scottish Premiership home kits rated - from worst to best

Ranking the top-flight club’s home kits for the 2020/21 season in order from worst to best

The release of the new home kit for the coming season. It is a cornerstone of a football club's summer, especially with social media. The shirt which the team will wear for the next 10 or so months is unveiled, often with a stylish video or photo shoot, whereby fans passionately offer their opinion. It usually ranges from ‘how can I give the club all my money’ to a torrent of abuse.

We have tasked the man behind AET Shirts and Football Kit Con which is coming to Murrayfield on 30 May, 2021, to provide his opinion on all 12 home kits, rating them out of 10.

Scroll down and click through to see where your team’s home kit placed.

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