‘Way to kill a moment’ - Celtic fans react to the permanent appointment of Neil Lennon

If Celtic were hoping for a positive reaction from their fans to the appointment of Neil Lennon as manager on a permanent basis they may have been disappointed, with many taking to social media to criticise the decision.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon is overcome with emotion on the full time whistle. Pic: SNS/Alan Harvey
Celtic manager Neil Lennon is overcome with emotion on the full time whistle. Pic: SNS/Alan Harvey

@Dairmuidmac88: “Never should have got it full time, covered up cause we won a treble treble which Rodgers had half won for him, think next season will be very tough for him”

@AMc88: “Way to kill a moment. Embarrassing.”

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@sean_fernie: “I’d like u to refund my season ticket”

@andymcd90: “Couldn’t even let us enjoy the treble treble for the rest of the day at least...”

@Mike_Bhoy_1993: “Could have waited a few days at least before making a final decision. On a great day when the #TrebleTreble has been achieved, this is unnecessary at this moment in time.”

@josh_25: “Great achievement today but lack of ambition again by the board”

@rugbylou94: “Such a lack of ambition by the board. Why risk 10 in a row?”

@cornelious_mc: “Bit of a underwhelming appointment but Neil is a proper celtic man and more important is that there is money invested to freshen up the team now, everyone should get behind him and enjoy the historic day toda”

@andy01mcl: “Not the man I was looking for but will get behind him 100% congratulations Neil Lennon, please please back him well financially Celtic. HH”

@Ayeyes2: “In other words, ye didnae try and get anyone else, thanks fur bring g me doon off a high, cheap option as always, he will still get the backing off the support but ffs at least try and make it look as if we’re ambitious”

@fraserrcraig: “Embarrassment.”

@Tom_Rogic10: “Absolute shambles of an appointment.”

@Fraserbros: “One step forward. 2 steps back.”

@Jason_M_Shaw: “Shockingly weak appointment”

Some supporters were more positive of the appointment, however.

@CConnelly24: “He deserves it! Some of the names being mentioned were frightening. Big name doesn’t equal success. Was gutted when Brendan dumped us. Lenny deserves some loyalty here. Well done Lenny!”

@MartMac_1888: “Happy days, I’m glad its him, he knows what we need, he knows how to win titles and if you cut him he’ll bleed green”

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