Tom Hanks ‘is a Celtic fan’, says actor’s friend

OSCAR-winning US actor Tom Hanks has become a celebrity Celtic fan.

Tom Hanks, speaking at the 64th Annual ACE Eddie Awards, has been revealed to be a celebrity Celtic fan. Picture: AP

Scots actor Ross McCall has revealed how he has convinced his pal to start following the Hoops.

The pair met when McCall starred in World War II series Band of Brothers, which Forrest Gump star Hanks produced.

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They have remained close and Hanks regularly takes McCall, from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, to LA Dodgers baseball games.

The stars are now planning a trip to watch Neil Lennon’s side at Celtic Park in the near future.

McCall, 38, who is now based in Los Angeles, said: “I have convinced quite a few people across the pond to be Celtic fans - you’d be shocked.

“There’s been some big names who I’ve worked with who, the next time they are in Glasgow, I’ll be calling up trying to get tickets so I can make myself look good.

“I have even made the conversion of quite a few people who aren’t interested in football into being Celtic supporters.

“Tom Hanks is going our way, I’ve convinced him.

“I’ve told him that when he comes to Glasgow I’ll bring him to Celtic Park because he takes me to see the LA Dodgers.

“He’s got me into the baseball so maybe one day I can show up at Celtic Park with him.”

Captain Phillips star Hanks, 57, previously declared himself a fan of English Premiership side Aston Villa because he liked the name.

McCall also told how he regularly gets up in the middle of the night at his US home to watch Celtic games at a supporters bar.

He added: “I’ll get up at three in the morning and drive down to the boozer which is about an hour away from my house.

“I’ll sit there and shout at the TV just like everyone else.

“It’s a bit like watching it in Glasgow but the main thing is that the passion is still there.”

McCall, who previously dated Hollywood beauty Jennifer Love Hewitt, is currently filming a new series of action series 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Celebrity Celtic fans also include Rod Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg.